Ancient Sahel culture and Sumerian Language

Between the Sahara and sub-saharan Africa exists a cultural zone from West Africa to Sudan and Northern Ethiopia.
[Ethiopia and west Africa are linked by the Sahel.]

the Sahel region in ancient times was culturally connected to Arabia, as evidenced by the spread through the Sahel of millet
& sorgham crops 8000-7000 years ago.Millet and sorgham probably came from Western Asia.
[The neolithic revolution began in the Sahel at the same time as Egypt, Ethiopian Highlands,and West Africa, about 6000 b.c.]

African populations were able to migrate into western Arabia across the Red Sea.
Africans followed ancient rivers to reach the Persian Gulf and establish the lost kingdom of Havilah.
Such rivers are now extinct in Arabia,but they can be traced from wadis and satellite archaeology.]

Sumerian speaking populations associated with:
Arabian bifacial culture,"hunter and fisher peoples",
Eastern Arabia littoral region.
[note that Arabian Bifacial Culture were "pre-Arab" people, not Arabs.
Here is suggested that A.B. Culture were probably Eur-Africans.]

African speaking populations associated with:
Afro-arabian cultural complex on both sides of the Red Sea.

[Then Sahel Culture disappeared in East Africa and Arabia.]

Proto-Afro-Asiatic language eventually broke up into various newer languages:
Semitic,Canaanite(considered Western Semitic),Ancient Egyptian,Cushitic,Chadic,Berber

Here is hypothesised that Niger-Congo language in Arabia similarly broke up into various languages:
Havilah language,Dedan language,Sabetechah language,Raamah language ,Sheba language,Sabtah language.
These hypothetical languages could be considered "ancient Ethiopian languages" older than Cushitic,older than Semitic.

Semitic language is African/Negroid language.
Semitic racially are Caucasoid/Caucasian.

Semitic language is African/Negroid language. <---- afroasiatic language came from Sahara(Natufian homeland)
Semitic racially are Caucasoid/Caucasian.

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