The meaning of Eden.

[Or the several Edens.]

The biblical Eden was probably a stone age trade centre where people came,traded and exchanged knowledge.
[i.e. "ancient trade centres" or "ancient technology centres" during the stone age.]
Humans could survive and prosper in these places during ice ages and outside droughts.
Such trade centres were connected to the Sumerian word Edin, hebrew words Kikkar, Eden.

There is probably more than 1 Eden in the bible.
-Genesis Chapter 2 mentions an Eden near Havilah. This is possibly the Persian Gulf trade centre.
-Genesis Chapter 8 suggests an Eden near Ararat(Urartu). This is possibly the Black Sea trade centre.

There also existed "ancient trade centres" that the bible does not mention, because they were far away from Mesopotamia.

Eden is probably derived from the Sumerian word "Edin".
The Sumerian Edin was an idyllic place where plants could grow wild without being irrigated.
Edin also suggest a plain: perhaps a low plain.

Perhaps such places were warm,lush and fertile during ice ages, being watered by melting ice and glaciers.
Such places were also a source of water when droughts occurred in regions outside.
Also,they were also watered by underground aquifers because such places were of low elevation,
sometimes below sea level.

In modern times they are sterile low hot deserts, or they are flooded by sea.
This is due to a cycle of climate change over thousands of years:
which means they might become dry land and fertile again during future ice ages.

Because populations sheltered for thousands of years in trade centres,new languages and new races emerged from trade centres,
the bible writers thought that humans were created in one such trade centre near the Tigris and Euphrates.

But the bible writers were incorrect.

Modern science tells us the ultimate birth place of humanity was in Africa, not Asia Minor.

So the biblical Eden is not where humans were created. Instead, Eden was where some populations sheltered during ice ages and droughts,
where new languages emerged from, and where new human races emerged from.

So the story of Nimrod and the confusion of languages might be more relevent to Garden of Eden than ideas about creation.
i.e. The diffusion of many languages possibly have their beginnings in ancient trade centres.
Ancient trade centres might be "at the centre" of the travel paths of many languages,
or at the centre of how languages spread geographically.

[Eden 1]

This is the Eden of Nimrod - Near Havilah (Genesis 2)
[This is the Eden of Ham.
Negroid nations were created there or sheltered there during ice ages and drought.
i.e.Ethiopians,Sumerians. This was the most advanced trade centre.

[Eden 2]

This is the Eden of Noah - Near Ararat (Genesis 8)
[This is the Eden of Shem & Japheth.
Caucasoid nations were created there or sheltered here during the ice ages and droughts.]

Ancient Egyptians and Canaanites might be connected to the Dead Sea trade centre(Vale of Siddim).
Their ancient trade centre did NOT flood.

(Genesis 13:10)Lot looked around and saw that the whole plain(kikkar) of the Jordan toward Zoar
was well watered, like the garden of the LORD,...

There was no catastrophic flood story in Ancient Egypt.
Instead, the Egyptian god Ra nearly destroyed the Earth with fire, but humanity was saved by Sekhmet.
And humanity rejoices because Sekhmet brings a flood of beer.

Lop Nor is another Eden. Perhaps many South-East-Asian nations were created there or sheltered there during ice ages and droughts.
Lop Nor is in Central Asia so it is not mentioned by the bible.

Lop Nor is connected with Loulan civilization and maybe others.

[Humans and Environmental Refugia]

Ancient trade centres are ice age survival zones(and drought survival zones).
Such survival zones are like "arks" preserving life
during ice ages and droughts. Some get flooded between ice ages.
But these survival zones are isolated so they are where different
nations/races were formed over thousands of years.

This is a secret within the bible. There are 2 or more Edens.
So this is possibly reasoning behind Genesis 9:27
The bible does not try to promote racism.The bible tries to unite nations.
However, sometimes the bible cannot hide the historical divisions between national groups.
This website does not support racism. This website is trying to understand anthropological information.

If you compare the bible flood account with the Sumerian flood account:
- bible mentions Ararat Mountains close to Black Sea.
- Sumerian documents mention mount Nisir probably in Zagros Mountains(adjacent Persian Gulf).
So this suggests there were 2 different floods.So probably 2 different Edens.

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