Sumer Decoded

As people moved eastward,
they found a plain in Shinar
and settled there.
- Gen 11:2 (NIV)

And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east,
that they found a plain in the land of Shinar;
and they dwelt there.
- Gen 11:2 (KJV)



"Can the Sumerian change his Cush, or the leopard his spots ?"
-an original quote by the author(s) of
see Jeremiah 13:23 for context.

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Some Cuneiform

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This website contains interesting information and possibly important information about
ancient history and archaeology.However, the author cannot take any responsibility
for any consequences which might result from people trying to research
ancient history.

Please be aware that we live in a world that is controlled by vested interests that want to monopolise
historical knowledge which could be of benefit to many people. The internet is probably much observed by such vested
interests and the people that serve them.


The internet should be a way for humans to greatly increase the level of scientific
knowledge and to also greatly increase the rate of scientific progress.

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This is a "no ancient aliens" website.
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Majestic Twelve( "MJ-12"is really an anti-immigration secret project formed in the USA after World War 2:)
[After World War 2, the USA discovered how to use atomic bombs to propel space craft through outer space,
and this knowledge also became a plan to exterminate others races of humans on earth and simultaneously
for the anglo-saxon race to escape into space and survive. SEe information about "Project Orion" , "Project Daedalus" , "British Rail UFO" ,etc]

Recent Information:
Atomic Bombs were used against Japan toward the end of World War 2.
After World War2, USA Presidents Harry Truman, and David Dwight Eisenhower became concerned about the migration of various racial groups into the USA and across Europe.
Atomic Bombs were considered as an antidote to the migration of certain racial groups into countries such as the USA. i.e. Atomic bombs as away of population reduction of certain racial groups.
However, the use of atomic bombs would adversely affect anglo-saxon populations that were stuck on the earth's surface. Countries such as Russia might retaliate.
Then the USA discovered a method to use atomic bombs to potentially propel a group of anglo-saxon people through space, so as to survive a nuclear war.
i.e. [Atomic Engines] /[Nuclear propulsion]/[nuclear powered spacecraft].

Nuclear propulsion projects such as the "British Rail UFO" are a hint that UFOs are really man-made phenomena:
Sometimes UFO phenomena are propulsion technology, maybe often anglo-saxon drug induced hallucinations
& anglo-saxon lying processes (also coded language connected to Baphomet Worship customs). See Project Bluebeam.

[anglo-saxon] coded language connected to Baphomet Worship customs... further information:
The political leaders of the anglo-saxon race (such as Truman & Eisenhower) are concerned/paranoid that a new culture will arise and overtake the USA socially,economically,technologically.
If/when such a new culture emerges, such a culture would be considered as god-like by the anglo-saxon race. So anglo-saxon leaders and their followers use coded language and refer to such a culture as outer-space aliens.
The political leaders of the anglo-saxon race, when they study history, realise that other races created the first civilizations. The creators of the first civilisations were not Europeans.
The political leaders of the anglo-saxon race, when they study history, realise that Europeans stole civilisation from races which were not European.
Races/cultures such as like the Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians were civilized when the ancestors of Europeans were running around uncivilised in animal skins.
Races/cultures such as like the Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians were considered god-like by the ancestors of the Europeans.
So coded language about outer-space-aliens is used to refer to god-like civilizations from the past such as the Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians.
So coded language about outer-space-aliens is used to refer to perceived threats about new cultures which could overtake the USA socially,economically,technologically.

connected terminology:
project horizon, ,project solar warden, "secret space program" , project paperclip(operation paperclip,project overcast)



[The images on this website do not have any arcane meaning.
This website is created by a person who is not a member of any secret organization.
When this website displays a symbol,this website might be trying to decipher the meaning
of such a symbol, or it is not trying to decipher anything at all.The image might have no
symbolic meaning at all.Perhaps an image just looks interesting like a rainbow that people
might chase, but never find. Perhaps where a rainbow is can be reached but a person will never
reach a rainbow if he remains on the surface of the earth. Maybe there is another way to reach
where the rainbow is. When this website discusses symbolism, the website is possibly trying
to decipher that symbolism for some beneficial purpose.]

(In the context of the ideas discussed by this website,) the rainbow has nothing to do with
modern questionable notions about sexuality. There is a more ancient meaning to the rainbow:
perhaps to do with rain when it is needed,plentiful crops,prosperity,prosperous societies,
survival through flood(s),survival of genetic diversity,different nations interacting with
each other in harmonious ways,warriors of righteousness in all colours of the spectrum,etc.
Sadly corrupt societies try to hijack the true meaning of the rainbow, and so corrupt societies
try to make the rainbow mean something else. Perhaps this website exists in the hope that that
some might remember the true meaning of the rainbow.


This is a "no ancient aliens" website.
[Click here to see why ancient alien theories are misleading.]


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